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The Medicare Hospice Benefit: A Good Fit with Managed Care

by Naomi Naierman Hospice is comprehensive care in the last months of life. Hospice services are provided by a coordinated team of doctors, nurses, social workers, grief counselors, spiritual counselors, physical therapists, home health aides and volunteers. All services are … Continue reading

Talking about Hospice: Tips for Professional Geriatric Care Managers

By Naomi Naierman Professional geriatric care managers are better positioned to discuss hospice well before the brink of death and to make it a comfortable part of client education. Clients can benefit from information about hospice even if they do … Continue reading

Managing Stress for Hospice Professionals

By Helen Fitzgerald, CT People drawn to hospice work have an abundance of caring concern for those they serve. Boundaries may be hard to set when responding to a request from a patient or a patient’s family: “Of course, I … Continue reading

Hospice: A Model of Patient- and Family-Centered Care

By Johanna Turner It’s all about you now – or maybe it’s about someone you love. Your medical treatments haven’t been helping lately, you know you are getting sicker, and you sense that your time on earth is limited. You … Continue reading

Hospice is a Family Affair

By Johanna Turner There are two undeniable, unavoidable, natural facts of life. We all are born. We all will die. There is no surprise in either event, yet for many years, both were hidden away. Medical professionals made the decisions … Continue reading

Debunking the Myths of Hospice

by Naomi Naierman and Johanna Turner Hospice is a set of services that we all may need someday — if not for ourselves, for our parents. While death is not an option for any of us, we do have choices … Continue reading

Writing a Condolence Note to a Grieving Child or Adolescent

By Helen Fitzgerald, CT Writing a condolence note to an adult is challenging enough, but how about writing one to a child or a teenager? Traditionally, condolence notes have been seen as expressions of sympathy toward adults, with an occasional … Continue reading

The Grieving Teen

By Helen Fitzgerald, CT Teen years are already tumultuous years, and the bereaved teen needs special attention. Under ordinary circumstances, teenagers go through many changes in their body image, behavior, attachments and feelings. As they break away from their parents … Continue reading

Helping Children Understand Funerals: Planning a Special Service For Children

By Helen Fitzgerald, CT Funerals are for the living, and the ritual is valuable in several ways. It is a time to say goodbye to a loved one and a time for family and friends to offer each other love … Continue reading

Responding to the Grieving Client

By Nicholas McConnell, Esq, Naomi Naierman, and Johanna Turner Introduction The classic American law school curriculum is neither intended nor designed to prepare lawyers for one of the significant challenges likely to be faced repeatedly over a lifetime of active practice: … Continue reading