Hospice Report Card

“ Hospice is essential to caring appropriately for people who are approaching the end of life. But not all hospice programs and companies are equal. It is important to choose the hospice program that can best meet the needs of yourself and your family. A Hospice Report Card based on reliable information can help a lot!”

— Ira Byock, M.D. Director of Palliative Care and Professor at Dartmouth Medical School; Author of Dying Well and The Four Things That Matter Most

Beginning in 2005, the American Hospice Foundation engaged in a project to develop a template for comparative quality public reporting by hospices. The first version of our evidence-based Hospice Report Card was tested in multiple demonstration projects around the country. This tool was designed both to educate the public about hospice care and to provide dying patients and their families with information about how hospices in their communities compare with respect to quality of services.

As the logical next step of all the work we have done around a hospice report card, we gave a legacy grant to Altarum’s Center for Consumer Choice to support their building of a web-based “choose a hospice” tool that will enable dying people and their families to choose a hospice based on quality.

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