Grieving Children

Regardless of their age, children do grieve. Parents with young children dealing with the loss of a loved one face a particularly difficult challenge working through their own grief while simultaneously trying to help their children deal with death and loss.

No one is prepared to help children grieve. We hope our resources can help.

American Hospice Foundation did groundbreaking work at a time in the mid-1990s when there was little awareness that kids grieve and that their grief affects their school behavior and performance. AHF’s model Grief at School training curriculum has been used by thousands of schools to train school staff to address the needs of grieving students and discuss loss and its aftermath in the classroom. We are lucky to have had AHF on the front lines fighting for grieving students.

– Linda Goldman, author of many books on children and grief, including Breaking the Silence: a Guide to Help Children with Complicated Grief, and a trainer on children and grief