FAQ: What are your other options besides hospice care?

Whether you or your family member has been dealing with serious illness for a while, or just received a serious diagnosis, you are probably faced with a lot of difficult decisions. These include:

  • how and where you or your family member want to be cared for,
  • what treatments will be best for you or your family member, and
  • where you should go for more information.

Receiving hospice care is just one of several choices for people coping with a terminal illness. The first decision is whether hospice care at home is their most appropriate choice.

The other options besides hospice care include:

  • Hospital care, but not in a special hospice bed or unit
  • Nursing home without hospice care
  • Care from a regular home health agency, from nurses and other skilled staff or from home health aides
  • Care at home from the family alone, without support from hospice or a home health agency